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Finding Happiness in Adolescence for Teens


Adolescence is an exciting phase of life; marked with many changes, learning experiences, gaining independence, and difficult situations.  Many teens experience strong emotions during this time period both comfortable and uncomfortable.  Teenage girls experience many external and internal pressures.  Dealing with these pressures and managing the emotions associated can be difficult.  Each and every teenage girl possess the tools needed to overcome these difficult times.  Gaining access to your tools to achieve balance and life satisfaction is possible!

Happiness is a word that is used quite often and if you are struggling with finding happiness, it can seem like an arduous task.  People who are happy and content with themselves and their place in life are not happy 24/7.  Happiness and life satisfaction can help us get through the difficult times and the awareness that uncomfortable feelings will not feel as strong forever.

How are “happy people” happy?  Sounds like a difficult question to answer.  The answer is not simple.  “Happy people” are satisfied with who they are, confident in themselves, have gained an understanding of who they are and what they stand for, can find gratitude (even in the small things) and enjoy “giving back.”  Don’t be intimidated with this if you are struggling with happiness.  Start off small.  Find 1-3 gratitudes each day; they can be something small or something big.  Focus one part of your day thinking about a positive decision you made that day.  Sit with your proud or comfortable feelings for a bit.  Even on “bad days” you made a positive decision and can find gratitude in that day!  Think about your morals, values, and what is important to you.  These type of exercises will help you develop an understanding of yourself.  Reframe your negative thoughts and perceptions of situations into positive thoughts or find the positive in the situation.  Lastly, surround yourself with positivity.  This can be as small as using a cell phone wallpaper picture that elicits comfortable feelings or do something that will make you feel good.

Appreciate the ups and downs you experience in adolescence as they serve as building blocks for the future!

Confident Girls Summer Camp for Adolescents 11 – 14 Summer 2014


Update:  July session spots are filling up fast!  Only a few left.  Register now!!

It is so important for young girls to be confident in themselves and develop a healthy body image, especially with the ever-changing societal pressures, social media images, and access to technology.  This “Confident Girls” group for adolescents 11 to 14 will assist girls in enhancing their self-esteem and address topics including: expressing feelings, decision-making, conflict resolution (dealing with “mean girls”), body image, friendships, coping strategies, and communication.  Girls at this age tend to struggle more with personal relationships than their male counterparts.  Girls who have high self-esteem feel secure and positive about themselves, confident in their ability to achieve goals, express their feelings, make positive choices, and care about others.  During this weeklong group, girls will learn about, engage in discussions, and practice these skills while interacting with their peers.   A yoga and meditation session will be included one afternoon led by Dorie Fusaro, ERYT 230 and Jennifer Busco, ERYT 230 of Yo Girl. They will also have the opportunity to provide and receive feedback with their peers in a therapeutic setting while earning rewards for prosocial behavior.

Facilitated by Katie Overcash, LCSW and Lynne Beck, LPC who have over 20 combined years experience in the mental health field in various setting such as school, residential, and outpatient.  Both licensed therapists have years experience running these groups/camps and currently own outpatient mental health businesses, Overcash Therapy Services, PLLC and New Journey Counseling respectively.

Participation in the group includes 17.5 hours of direct contact with both licensed therapists and a 30 minute parental consultation at the conclusion of the week with either Katie or Lynne.

Space is limited for more individual attention, so register now!  Cost of the group is $350 with one partial scholarship available.  Contact Katie or Lynne if interested in the partial scholarship.

Fill out this form for initial registration camp session June 23-27.

Fill out this form for initial registration camp session July 14-18.

Confident Girls for Adolescents 11 – 14 will be held Monday, June 23rd through Friday, June 27th or Monday, July 14th through Friday, July 18th from 1pm to 4:30pm at 1100 South Mint Street, Suite 108, Charlotte, NC  28203.  Download Confident Girls Summer Camp Flyer.

Feel free to contact Katie Overcash ( or 704.981.1898) or Lynne Beck ( or 980.395.9310) for more information or questions.

2013 Campers Rave about our camps!  Click here.

Payment Options:  Mail check made out to “OTS” to 1100 S. Mint Street, Suite 108, Charlotte, NC  28203 or click the button below to pay with a credit card.  Refunds will only be given up to 2 weeks before camp begins.

2013 Campers Rave About Our Social Skills and Confidence Camps


“I surprised myself by the way that I was participating in the group…I am a Confident Girl.”

“It was really good and I learned a lot.  These tips are definitely going to help me out in the real world.”

“I found this camp very helpful.”

Due to popular demand, Katie Overcash, LCSW and Lynne Beck, LPC are please to announce that “Confident Girls Summer Camp” is back in 2014 and now offered on 2 different dates.  If interested in more information about our “Confident Girls” Summer Camp in 2014 please click here.

Look for our ads at Charlotte Parent Online Camp Fair and South Charlotte Weekly.

Overcoming Self-Injury Group for Adolescent Girls 12 – 18 January – March Agenda



January 14th – Healthy Friendships

During this session we will discuss aspects of healthy friendships and how to recognize when they are not.

January 21st – Yoga

Jennifer will lead our group in some Asana Yoga, meditation, and breath work.

February 4th – Self-Esteem

We will use Virginia Satir’s Self-Esteem Tool Kit to learn about how it is developed.

February 18th- Yoga

Jennifer will lead our group in some Asana Yoga, meditation, and breath work.

March 4th – Letters of Encouragement

In this session we will write each other encouraging letters to use outside of group.

March 18th – Substance Use

During this group we will explore when we use substances as a replacement for healthy coping skills.


More dates to come!  Each session is on a Tuesday and will last from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. $15 a session.  If interested in signing your daughter up, please fill out this FORM. 

Social Skills Group for Children 6-10 Fall 2013

Group of embraced kids.Katie Overcash will be facilitating an ongoing Social Skills group for boys and girls ages 6 – 10 starting in Fall 2013.  Please fill out the form if interested in receiving information about the group once it is released.  Details are not confirmed about the group as far as length of time, day of the week, or time of day.  Feel free to contact Katie Overcash, or 704-981-1898 for more information or comments.  Look forward to hearing from you!