Mind-Body-Brain Therapy for Wellness

Are you carrying around more than you need to?  Bogged down by the past or future?  Contact Katie today to find out how you can integrate your mind, body, and brain for wellness.  More information on her unique offerings as a licensed clinician and registered yoga instructor here.  Neurofeedback training is now available at OTS!  View EEG Info and About Neurofeedback for more information.

Join Katie at Noda Yoga every Sunday at 5pm for a 75-minute Restorative Yoga Class.  More information here.  Katie is now a “Relax and Renew® Advanced Trainer” through Judith Hanson Lasater.  

Listen to Katie’s interviews on “Changing the Face of Yoga” podcast on the combination of restorative yoga and mental health as well as how yoga complements trauma work and healing.

Check out the “Resources” page to find tips on stress management, book recommendations, and Restorative Yoga Poses!  Visit Katie’s Youtube Channel for the complete collection of Restorative Yoga Video Demos.

Overcash Therapy Services is closed on Wednesdays.

New Feature added of booking appointments from this website.  Click the “Schedule Appointment” logo on the contact page!  Please note, this is for existing clients only.


I am accepting new clients.  Please contact katie@katieovercash.com for more information and to set up an appointment.


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