Tuscaloosa Tornado Relief


Tuscaloosa, Alabama and The University of Alabama are very close to my heart for many reasons.  I have been a fan of the Crimson Tide since I was born, and the only other city I have ever lived in other than Charlotte, is Tuscaloosa.  I spent 6 years of my life there and love going back at least once a year.  I was devastated to see what damage the tornados on April 27, 2011 did to the city and the people that live there.  To date, 40 lives were taken and over 200 people are still missing in Tuscaloosa alone.  Over 5000 businesses and homes have been destroyed.  These peoples lives and the town will be forever changed.  I have no doubt in my mind that Tuscaloosa will recover, but assistance from others is greatly needed.  If you have not already done so, please consider donating time, money, or supplies.  Donating to the Red Cross and Salvation Army is always a plus, but also consider this website I just found here.  It is for “Give Tuscaloosa” set up by the Tuscaloosa Chamber of Commerce.  The money will go straight there and stay there.  Tons of supplies are needed such as non-perishable food items, clothes, baby items, hygiene products, etc.  If you would like to donate any supplies please contact katie@katieovercash.com and I will get them there.  ROLL TIDE!