Overcoming Self-Injury for Adolescent Girls 12 – 17 Agenda (Sep – Dec)

September 3rd – Healthy Coping Skills

This week we will learn about what coping skills work for you and collaborate to develop new ones.

September 17th – Positive Affirmations/Intro to Yogis

During this session we will create positive affirmations about ourselves and each other and meet our Yoga Instructors.

October 8th – Yoga & Mindfulness

We will be practicing/observing Yoga with licensed instructors and learning about mindfulness.  This isn’t your momma’s Yoga!

October 22nd – Communicating with Others about SI

This session we will discuss talking with others about self-injury and write letters to those close to you.

November 5th – Self-Esteem

This group will focus on developing self-esteem and self-exploration.

November 19th – Body Image

During this group, we will discuss messages we receive about body image and our own thoughts about it.

December 3rd – Connecting with Others/Self-Exploration

We will learn about and connect with each other as a way to get to know ourselves.

December 17th – Lyrics + Life

Examining song lyrics and how they relate to our lives or help us cope will be demonstrated.

More dates to come!  Each session is on a Tuesday and will last from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.  $10 a session.