Post Partum in Dads?

A study was done recently that reported 40% of dads who spank their 1 year olds are depressed.  This brings light to a relatively new concept; post partum depression in dads.  It is reported that more dads are feeling low after the birth of their child because of unemployment rates and increased time at home.  More fathers are stay at home dads who are feeling the pressures stay at home moms have felt for decades.


More pediatricians are screening fathers for signs of depression when they bring their baby in for check ups.  Researchers also found that fewer dads are reading to their children which decreases bonding.  Researchers expressed concern over dads spanking children 1 year of age because of the increased chance of injury and that these children are less likely to form the connection between their behavior and the spanking.


Many moms are reluctant to admit feelings of post partum depression and dads are even less likely to report.  Post partum depression affects about 25% of women.  Researchers and pediatricians recommend mental health services to new parents who report having these feelings.


Check out the article from USAToday.