Knock Out Stress Tip: Random Acts of Kindness


Have you heard of the random acts of kindness movement?  The premise is simple.  Perform a small but meaningful action that will positively impact the life of another human being.   It can be something as small as opening the door for a stranger, or as large as your imagination can take you.  Although we hear stories most often of interactions between strangers, you can choose to help a neighbor, friend or family member as well.

How does kindness relate to stress?  When you perform an act of kindness, a chemical reaction is created in your brain that releases a flood of oxycotin and dopamine, chemicals that are responsible for emotional well-being and feelings of positivity[1].   It also can help foster social contact through positive interactions which can improve emotional well-being and decrease feelings of isolation and depression[2].

Wondering how you can get started?  Try visiting the Random Acts Of Kindness Foundation’s website  for daily kindness ideas and to get inspiration for your own random acts.

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