Knock Out Holiday Stress Tip #2 – Creativity


If you’ve been following the Knock-Out Stress Blog Series so far, you know that meditation is a great form of stress relief.   Although one of the best forms of stress relief, it’s also one of the least popular options because it’s difficult for people in our fast-paced society to let their minds “be still” long enough to realize the benefits.  An easy way to achieve the same health benefits of meditation is to practice something creative[1].

“But I can’t be creative.  I don’t have any artistic talent.”

Is that what you’re thinking?  Stop!  You don’t have to be Van Gogh to have fun doing something creative.  In fact, you never have to show anyone what you create.  Let it be just for you, unless you decide you want to share it with someone else.

Here are some easy tips for getting started[2]:

1)      Make an appointment and keep it.  Try to set aside fifteen or thirty minutes of each day to be creative.  Too tired?  That’s even better!   It is easier to achieve a meditative state when your conscious mind is duller, and you’re less likely to be critical of your work when you’re tired!

2)      Keep it simple.  You don’t have to sign up for an art class or invest in expensive materials to get creative.  Start out with something as simple as a notebook and pen, or even a coloring book and crayons!

3)      Don’t be critical of your work.  Remember, your work is for you.  Don’t judge your work, just enjoy the process.  You’re not under any pressure to create something magnificent; your only objective is to have fun and relax.

4)      Don’t set rules.  You don’t have to just draw or paint to be creative.  You can write a story, take photographs, or even create new recipes in the kitchen.  Be open to letting your creativity take you to new places; you may start out sketching a dog and end up doing something completely different.  Just go with the flow!

Being creative is fun and empowering.  My favorite creative activity is knitting.  What’s yours?

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