Healing Charlotte Podcast: Heather Siblik, Dish Course

Heather Siblik the founder of Dish Course is on this episode of the podcast. Her journey in creating Dish Course really began 5 years ago when she moved to Charlotte from Wisconsin for a relationship that ended shortly after. She remembers how much effort, courage, and time it took to meet people and make friends. This is what sparked the idea for Dish Course, a dinner party with strangers organized by categories. The categories have ranged from “Must Love Sushi” to “Starting Over” to “New in Town.” Heather has found that even within the categories, there is still a lot of diversity in ages, stages of life, and situations.

“Instead of getting too ahead of myself and diving in head first. I really took the time to think about it and grow it, and think about how I wanted it to look, what I wanted the process to look like to build these table of strangers for dinner parties.”

Heather believes it is harder to make friends as an adult due to lower confidence compared to childhood, fear from past experiences, and reduced amount of times around people to connect with. Heather wants to assume the burden of labor for getting people together, and help spark conversation between guests. Dinner parties are limited to 6 guests total including Heather. The connection doesn’t stop after the dinner is over. Guests will join a group text and build their connections further. Previous guests are already planning a Dish Course Reunion for all dinner guests.

“You would be surprised how quickly you open up to a group of strangers because you have nothing to lose and these people are just dumping their souls and it’s just so beautiful because 30-minutes ago they didn’t know each other and now they are talking about their divorce all of these super heavy emotionally driven moments in their lives and it’s very beautiful.”

Heather wants to heal Charlotte as this has become her home, where she built her social world, and the place that healed her.

“How can we make Charlotte happier healthier, more social, and more connected?”

You can find more about Dish Course on their website, emailing Heather(hello@dish-course.com), Facebook, and Instagram.