Healing Charlotte Podcast: Austin Buergermeister, Live Well Chiropractic

Austin Buergermeister a Chiropractor from Live Well Chiropractic in Lake Norman is the latest guest on the podcast. His journey started out while in school at UNCC where he majored in Exercise Science and minored in Public Health. He knew he wanted to help people but had not found in what way yet. A Chiropractor came to speak at one of his classes and his interest was piqued. About the same time, he hurt his back lifting in the gym and decided to give Chiropractic a try. He felt 85% better after his first session and continued to heal quicker than he had in the past. From there, he was hooked. He attended Palmer College of Chiropractic and returned to the Charlotte area. Live Well Chiropractic has been opened since November 2022. Austin knew he wanted to go out on his own so he could try to reach as many people as possible.

Austin describes Chiropractic as a licensed healthcare profession based on diagnosis and treatment of the cause of the condition by using holistic methods to treat. These treatments may be adjustments of the spine and extremities, dry-needling, cupping, as well as exercise and stretches. Proper alignment helps the body in that the Central Nervous System which is made up of the brain and spine connects to all other functions in the body such as organs, sensory input, and motor output. A misalignment of a vertebrae can create a kink in the flow of the CNS. The 3 causes of subluzations(misalignments) are thoughts(stressors in life), traumas(sitting, accidents, etc), and toxins(what we put in our body).

“If you wait for symptoms to appear, it takes even longer to get out of that acute phase and back to your wellness picture that you really want and to function optimally.”

Austin encourages Chiropractic to be the first outlet of care due to the conservative nature. Intake sessions look like a range of motion testing, neurologic and orthopedic examinations, development of a working diagnosis, and creation of a treatment plan. This work focus on mobility as well as stability in the body.

“A Chiropractor is similar to a mechanic but for the body. You wouldn’t just let your car start breaking down before you bring it in for routine oil changes so why would you let your body start breaking down before you went to a Chiropractor?”

Austin patients are usually dealing with back pain, shoulder problems, vertigo, knees, ankles, foot, and muscle issues. He enjoys working with everyone from newborns to the elderly and gravitates towards a more active population. He wants to heal Charlotte by helping everyone gain the knowledge of Chiropractic and different ways to keep the body healthy.

You can find Live Well Chiropractic on the internet, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Youtube or by calling 704-912-5050.