Restorative Yoga Pose of the Week – Reverse Relaxation Pose


Reverse Relaxation pose is another option for your final savasana.  It is designed to bring the energy down in the body and can assist in eliminating any vulnerability that may come from being face up.  Reverse Relaxation is fairly easy to set up with minimal props.  This pose is simply for rest and therefore you will not feel any stretching in your muscles.

Always advise your doctor before beginning any yoga practice.  Avoid this pose if you are pregnant.

To set up in the pose, lie down with your belly touching the mat.  You can either rest your forehead on top of your hands that are stacked in front of you, or goalpost your arms and turn your head to either the right or the left.

Options include adding a blanket underneath your hips to prevent any pain in your hip bones pressing into the mat.  You can also utilize a blanket folded in thirds underneath your abdomen.  A rolled blanket propped under your ankles can relieve any pressure you may have there.  You may want to add a sandbag to the backs of your thighs for more grounding.  Lastly, a blanket covering the entire body may help keep the body warm when the body temperature cools.

Another variation of this pose is to bend your right and left knees(one at a time) to a 90 degree angle, goal post your arms, and turn your head towards the side of the bent knee.  A blanket under your bent knee and opposite hip will prevent any pressure.

Once you are set up in the pose, fall into your natural breath pattern.  It may be helpful to perform a brief body scan to release any tension you are holding on to.  Average time may be anywhere from 5-15 minutes in this pose.

When coming out of this pose, do so slowly and with intention.  Roll over to your right side using your left palm against the mat to get you there.  Spend some time here noticing the effects of the pose and preparing your body for what’s next.

Watch Katie demonstrate how to set up this pose:


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