Healing Charlotte Podcast: Melanie McIntyre, CBD Retailer

Today’s conversation is with Melanie McIntyre, the owner of Tru-Nectar, an e-commerce business selling CBD products. She started the business officially in February 2020 but had been working on researching the product and setting it up for a year prior. Tru-Nectar sells tinctures, gummies, topical, soft-gels, and dog treats all made with CBD. Melanie has always been interested and passionate about natural health for her own issues and found CBD. She did her own research on companies, tried various brands, and began to discover the benefits for herself.

Charlotte’s Web Company helped put CBD on the map without the stigma when in 2018 a Farm Bill was passed that made the cultivation of hemp legal in all states. Stipulations for how much THC, how it’s grown, and how it is cultivated. CBD comes from the hemp plant which is the same as marijuana. The difference is in how it’s cultivated. CBD can have up to .3% of THC(which is the psychedelic) and marijuana has 15-20% of THC. This product is not regulated currently by the FDA, so some CBD companies will do 3rd party testing to discover any possible pesticides or chemicals, the amount of CBD that is on the label is reflected in the product, and if there are any added ingredients. Not all CBD companies are the same so it’s important to research them and look into their 3rd party testing. Tru-Nectar products have a QR code to see the testing results for that particular batch and all have 0% THC.

Studies have shown that CBD can help with sleep issues, anxiety, stress, muscle and joint pain to name a few. For dogs, the products may help with anxiety; everyday or situation specific, and arthritis. Each of our bodies have an endocannabinoid systems that helps create overall balance. Our body produces it and sometimes could use more of it for balance which is where CBD supplements come in. Realm of Caring is a non-profit dedicated to research and findings regarding CBD products.

“It’s considered to be a supplement because our body already produces these chemicals but we may need a little more because we are in a high stress environment or we are struggling with sleep or we just have anxiety because we have a chemical imbalance or it’s just lifestyle so it just provides that extra support to create more balance.”

Melanie has been influenced by the Charlotte’s Web company which was started to support their daughter who had multiple seizures a day and found some relief with CBD. For natural health in general, Melanie has enjoyed information from Emily Schromm, a nutritionist with her website and podcast, Meathead Hippie. Melanie wants to heal Charlotte as she has been here for 16 years and see how high stress the environment is here.

“CBD is a product that can help that because it just helps to bring balance and that’s part of what Charlotte needs. You know people in Charlotte, we just need to find that balance between doing but also resting. Taking time for ourselves and not being all about this one thing but really paying attention to self.”

A healer in Charlotte who inspires her is Dr. Eric Goodman at Greenapple who is a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist. Use code “healclt” at Tru-Nectar to take advantage of the 25% discount.