Healing Charlotte Podcast: Alison Pulito, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Alison Pulito was a guest on the “Healing Charlotte” podcast 6 months ago and has now added Quantum Healing Hypnosis. Read about it below or book a session with her today!

As a Reiki practitioner for the past 7 years, I have worked with people presenting with an incredibly diverse range of experiences.  Through this experience I have seen how deeply our experiences shape us, from an early age all the way to a ripe old age, we are shaped by the experiences we have, positively or negatively.  It becomes like a filter or lens through which we view life and determines how we respond to experiences, we can grow or struggle through the same experience.  I have seen this pattern repeated in people through disease, chronic injury, relationships, and mental health, all of it creating a pattern which can be followed, like breadcrumbs showing and teaching us the nature of what happened to create that impact.  We are impacted by an energy that stays with us in the bio-field (the etheric field/aura) and in the psyche.  What we hold and view as experience has a direct correlation to how we are impacted by it.  I have noticed that putting on a new lens, a perspective on our life’s most meaningful events, and seeing the value in the experience, viewing the path with the value that followed experience, can shape and shift the impact of that experience, years even decades later.

In Reiki I was often shown the point of origin for a chronic problem, a pain, a relationship struggle, lack or limiting beliefs, forming a fairly solid foundational belief at some point in the life, even from a very early age, impressions about ourselves, others, the world.  I noticed that from an early age we are programmed which is a highly effective function of the subconscious.  It holds the algorithms the short cuts to our processing so we don’t need to think and process routine events.  It sets us up for success it can also set us up for a distorted view of reality, through which like a prism, it colors our experience by shifting the lens.  These programs are related to the energetic systems in the body through the chakra system and the auric field.  Our body’s energy system is the membrane through which we experience and are affected by the energy around us and by our own energy through thoughts and emotions. 

The biofield is ether, it’s highly charged and magnetic.  We think ether is empty space but researchers now know that ether is actually full, it’s information, like a storage vault for potential, past present and future data.  So this data is waiting for us to interact with it.  And we know that our thoughts, created in the mind, are highly energetic, they carry a charge just like an electronic device.  This charge sends a current of energy out into the biofield to match up with/plug in to that which we are creating in the mind.  This is good if we are conscious, it’s not easy if we have a busy mind filled with doubt, anxiety, trauma or pain.  We are also blessed with an electromagnetic heart.  Our heart has the strongest electromagnetic field in the body, it sends a signal that can be sent across the country.  This is how distance Reiki works and how prayers work.  And the heart is magnetic, so emotions, sent and received in the heart, are broadcast and become magnetic, they attract that which helps us to see them, to gain perspective of them.  There’s a lot going on in our biofield and a lot of us don’t even know it exists.

This mind body connection has been studied for centuries but never has it been as recognized and measured as it is today but we are just beginning to understand it.  With the recognition of quantum mechanics in the last few decades and the use of Kirlian photography, which measures the bio-field of all living things, showing us that we have an energetic template that interacts with our environment and with each other.  We know that the electromagnetic field, or template is a hologram of our body, that it exists as a reflection of our own energy.  We have evolved to know through the work of Carl Jung and more recently Dr. Joe Despenza, we know that there are life experiences that come to us as a way to learn, to master in a way of seeing ourselves from a more evolved state as we start to wake up to our own being, to see our own place in the world, a sort of waking up.

Over time working with Reiki I was drawn to QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, developed by the late Dolores Cannon.  Dolores worked and researched for 40 years on the topic of how we experience a lifetime and how we experience timelines (segments of our lives) and why this happens.  According to her reasearch and my belief, that we are here to learn, grow and evolve, it is really what we are here for, what our soul is here to express.  I have studied and become certified in QHHT and find it quite effective in helping people see and experience their lives in ways that help them gain perspective on their life’s experiences.  Imagine the impact to a 60 year old woman who under Quantum Hypnosis goes back to being a six year old, when she sees clearly (like a vivid dream), that her mother did not abandon her but was actively keeping an abusive man away form her by continuously keeping him away from the home.  That shift in perspective can help to heal a limiting belief such as my mother didn’t love me, she would always leave me alone on weekends and evenings, to my mother loved me so much that she shielded me from danger.  These stories have become the calling of my work, to help people see the potential in their lives, the shifts in consciousness that change the reality happen rapidly and easily using QHT.

I have also been working with coaching, as I have the gift of clairaudience and am able to read the lessons of the soul and help people to steer in the direction of their soul’s choice, providing perspective, clarity and understanding of some of life’s lessons.  This has become my life’s passion of teaching people to heal themselves through energy, understanding and perspective. 

I am working through Zoom and through the online classes I teach of Reiki, and 3 levels of Energy Mastery.

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