Healing Charlotte Podcast: Alicia Martin, Plant Therapy

Alicia Martin, the owner of Plant Therapy, is on a mission to improve lives by fostering the love of plants here in Charlotte. Her journey started back in childhood with outdoor plants and her parents teaching her the names of them. Later on in college, she didn’t have any outdoor space, so she began bringing plants into her home. Starting the business wasn’t a dream of hers but more of encouragement from her friends and husband because she is so passionate about and good with plants. Plant Therapy began in September 2019 with a pop-up market and hasn’t stopped since.

Alicia provides consulting to gain an understanding of her clients including their physical space, light, travel schedule, and how much time they want to dedicate to care. She can then bring the potted plants to your home. She also can do virtual house calls to troubleshoot improving the plant’s health. You can find Alicia at pop-up markets, private, and semi-private events.

“During quarantine, people started looking at plants. We are all stuck in our homes and they are looking for ways to beautify our spaces. Aside from that, plants also bring a sense of relaxation, it gives you something to care for and nurture, and learn.”

She loves working with new plant parents to give them the confidence and knowledge to be successful. Alicia loves the connections she has made with other small businesses whether it’s another plant company, a planter company, or a macramé maker.

“Think of it not only as an investment of money but also some of your time and you are going to reap the benefits, you are going to get a lot of pleasure out of it.”

Alicia’s self-care revolves around plants and nature. She absolutely loves taking care of plants and talking about them, strolling through a nursery, or being outdoors. Nature is very calming for her. She wants to heal Charlotte because this is where her footprint is and she is aware of all of the suffering people go through. She has a desire to create a better community for others and especially her 3 young boys. A couple of healers in Charlotte who she is inspired by are Nikki at Bohemian Stylehouse because of the conversations they have and feeling seen as well as Ladara McKennon of Ladara Fine Art who creates beautiful, colorful paintings.

“That’s why I want to heal Charlotte; obviously I want to heal the world, but Charlotte is my footprint right now and so I’m going to do what I can to help the people closest to me.”

You can check out Alicia’s schedule of events on her website as well as follow her on Instagram, or email her mosslady@planttherapyclt.com.