Brave Step Group Therapy September 2022

I’m excited to facilitate this 12-week closed group for those identifying as female and are survivors of sexual violence. We will meet Sundays from 7-8:30pm at Noda Yoga(1620 Oakhurst Commons Dr, Suite 301, Charlotte, NC 28205). Dates are as follows: September 11 September 25 October 2 October 16 October 23 October 30 November 6 NovemberContinue reading “Brave Step Group Therapy September 2022”

Healing Charlotte Podcast: Abby Glen, Shelves Bookstore

Photo by ELEANORKATH Photography. This episode is with Abby Glen, the owner and founder of Shelves Bookstore. Shelves just celebrated their 2-year anniversary as an online and pop-up new book store. Shelves started as a pop-up store partnering with local coffee shops when COVID-19 hit. Abby quickly shifted to an online model and has nowContinue reading “Healing Charlotte Podcast: Abby Glen, Shelves Bookstore”

Healing Charlotte Podcast: Alicia Martin, Plant Therapy

Alicia Martin, the owner of Plant Therapy, is on a mission to improve lives by fostering the love of plants here in Charlotte. Her journey started back in childhood with outdoor plants and her parents teaching her the names of them. Later on in college, she didn’t have any outdoor space, so she began bringingContinue reading “Healing Charlotte Podcast: Alicia Martin, Plant Therapy”

Post-Traumatic Growth

Many people outside of Mental Health professionals have never heard of this term. Ironically, those who exhibit PTG have definitely not heard of it. Quite interesting that one embodies this phenomenon without even knowing that’s what it is. So what is Post-Traumatic Growth? Well, it’s a term coined in the 90s by researchers, Richard TedeschiContinue reading “Post-Traumatic Growth”

Katie’s Bookshelf: Neurofeedback 101 by Michael Cohen

The book “Neurofeedback 101” by Michael P. Cohen is an easy to read and understand text about a subject that can be complicated to explain. Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback where sensors are placed on the scalp and electrical impulses are given back to the brain in the form of “feedback” which could beContinue reading “Katie’s Bookshelf: Neurofeedback 101 by Michael Cohen”