Knock Out Holiday Stress Tip #2 – Creativity

If you’ve been following the Knock-Out Stress Blog Series so far, you know that meditation is a great form of stress relief.   Although one of the best forms of stress relief, it’s also one of the least popular options because it’s difficult for people in our fast-paced society to let their minds “be still” longContinue reading “Knock Out Holiday Stress Tip #2 – Creativity”

Knock Out Stress Tip – 5 Minute Techniques

As a therapist, I’m often told by clients that they don’t have time to try any of my stress reduction tips.    I always challenge them by asking them if they have 5 minutes free in their day.  Maybe it’s when they’re in line at the grocery store, or stuck at a red light.  In almostContinue reading “Knock Out Stress Tip – 5 Minute Techniques”