Overcoming Self-Injury for Adolescent Girls 12 – 17 Agenda

June 18th – Taking the First Steps

During this session, we will discuss the facts of self-injury and your motivation to overcome self-injurious behaviors.

July 2nd – Building Healthy Relationships

During this group, we will discuss using the internet as a way to connect with others who self-injure.  We will also discus talking with those close to you about your self-injury and how they can help.

July 16th – Managing Your Thoughts & Feelings

During this session, we will talk about negative thought patterns associated with self-injury and learn ways to identify them, eliminate them, or cope with them.

August 6th – Managing Triggers

This week we will recognize and determine your own triggers and work on developing skills to help you manage and cope with them in a healthy way.

August 20th – Healthy Coping Skills

This week we will learn about what coping skills work for you and collaborate to develop new ones.  We will also have the opportunity to demonstrate some of these skills.

More dates to come!  Each session is on a Tuesday and will last from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.  $10 a session.