Katie’s Bookshelf: You Are A Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

Jen Sincero’s “You Are a Badass at Making Money” book is the followup to “You Are a Badass.” She explores making money in her first book, but this one takes a deeper dive. She starts off by exploring how you view money, messages from your childhood or past about money, to what’s holding you back from making money or putting your idea out there, fears around money, to finally developing a new and different relationship with money that perhaps you ever had.

“We’ve been raised to believe that you have to work hard to make money, and certainly there are times when this is true, but the real secret is you have to take huge, uncomfy risks. You have to do stuff you’ve never done before, to make yourself visible, to acknowledge your own”

I found her first book so inspiring especially as an entrepreneur that I knew I had to read her book about money. I enjoyed the exercises and money mantras she includes in each chapter. Her writing style makes it feel like you are having a chat with a friend.

Read this book if:

  • You have the next great idea
  • You are in the throws of creating new

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Sincero, J. (2018). You are a badass at making money: Master the mindset of wealth. London: John Murray Learning.