Healing Charlotte Podcast: Casey Jean Miller, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher & Apothecary

We have the privilege of meeting Casey Jean Miller, a therapeutic yoga teacher and creator of Jean’s Apothecare. Her journey to yoga began when she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at age 21. A friend suggested that she engage in an activity that was more restorative. Casey Jean knew she was getting something out of yoga that she had not gotten anywhere else after her first class. She completed her yoga teacher training 4 years ago and began teaching in a variety of spaces. Around the same time, she was experimenting with combining Ayurvedic principles, Chinese medicine, and remedies from the Kelts and Native Americans to find relief from her psoriatic arthritis. Her first natural product was a body butter that soothed her pain. She found herself falling in love with the process of creating. Casey Jean went on to complete her 300-hour yoga teacher training and has transitioned to more slow-mindful based movement. She asks her students to do a self-inquiry by asking how do I feel, what do I need, and what do I need to do to take action?

“Our bodies are miraculous beings that are capable of so much more than we give them credit for and they can always use support.”

Casey Jean’s focus today is more of one-on-one and small group relationships to promote overall wellness by combining coaching, therapeutic yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. She also hosts a monthly “Cup of Calm” small group to continue the conversation of yoga off the mat, weaving in herbalism and mindfulness practices.

Casey Jean identifies Cleo Wade who has been influential in her work with others. Cleo is nicknamed the “Milennial Oprah” as she is a public speaker and writer of 2 books. Casey Jean continues to return to “Heart Talk,” a book of poems where she feels directly spoken to. Casey Jean has been inspired by her dad at a young age when they would travel to new places and dream together. They had many big ideas of businesses they would create. She says that he always supported and fostered the dreamer’s spirit in her.

“We all need and want support and that’s why we are here on Earth. To live in a way where we take good care of ourselves. Where we nuture and nourish our minds and our body. Where we are taking good care of ourselves, each other, where we have fun, and do the hard work.”

In the Charlotte community, Casey Jean is inspired by Life Coach, Carrie Wren who has taught her to trust in herself and create the life she wants to live. She is also inspired by Therapist, Amy Williams, who focuses on self-care, creativity, authenticity, and fun.

Jean’s Apothecare natural products can be purchased online or at her physical store above Moxy Mercantile(2008 Commonwealth Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205). She invites all listeners to join her private facebook community called, “Nuturing Your Mind and Body.”