Obama Addresses Bullying

Media attention has recently focused on to the subject of bullying.   Many victims or their families have spoken out on their experiences and several celebrities have been involved with public service announcements.  Last week, President Obama convened a White House conference on bullying.  Invited to attend the conference were about 150 parents, students, and teachers who spokeContinue reading “Obama Addresses Bullying”

Art Easel

I recently purchased this art easel from IKEA.  One side is a chalkboard and the other is a dry erase board.  It doesn’t come with chalk or markers, but with a dowel to attach a roll of paper. This particular easel was $15!  I love using an art easel in play therapy. Easels are perfect for children from ageContinue reading “Art Easel”

Social Skills Group for Adolescent Boys

Social skills are made up of interaction and communication with others.  Social skills are put to use everyday.  Developing social skills for adolescent boys is important at this stage of life because of their increased interactions with others and emergence of self-esteem.  According to Erikson’s Stages of Life, boys in this stage are looking forContinue reading “Social Skills Group for Adolescent Boys”