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Social Skills Group for Children 6-10 Fall 2013

Group of embraced kids.Katie Overcash will be facilitating an ongoing Social Skills group for boys and girls ages 6 – 10 starting in Fall 2013.  Please fill out the form if interested in receiving information about the group once it is released.  Details are not confirmed about the group as far as length of time, day of the week, or time of day.  Feel free to contact Katie Overcash, katie@katieovercash.com or 704-981-1898 for more information or comments.  Look forward to hearing from you!


Obama Addresses Bullying

Media attention has recently focused on to the subject of bullying.   Many victims or their families have spoken out on their experiences and several celebrities have been involved with public service announcements.  Last week, President Obama convened a White House conference on bullying. 

Invited to attend the conference were about 150 parents, students, and teachers who spoke of their experiences and devised ways to prevent bullying in the future.

Obama spoke about bullying he endured related to his name and the way his ears stuck out.  Michelle Obama encouraged parents open communication with their children so that they feel comfortable talking about school.


Check out the full article at USAToday.


Bullying is increasing more and more every year.  Students are teased at school, in the community, and electronically.  More attention has been brought to the subject because social media has been used to bully.  You Tube videos of kids beating a peer or Facebook pages dedicated to bringing someone else down have been created.


It’s nice to see more attention brought to the subject matter so that hopefully one day we can eliminate bullying.

Noisy Toys

noisy toysHave you walked down a toy aisle or through a toy store lately?  Most kid’s toys these days make some sort of sound or require batteries.  I do not remember many toys when I was a kid that I owned that did this.  Toys with sounds and actions are exciting for children, but also take away from their creativity.  Children are forced to use their imagination and create their own actions and sounds when the toys do not do it for them.  Young children love engaging in imaginative play.

It is important for children to use these toys because they are being creative and expressing themselves the way they know how.  Typically, when engaging in this type of play, children will ask what this object is used for or what a particular object is. Letting a child know that the object can be anything they want it to be helps them be creative while engaging in imaginative play.  It is also important for children participating in pretend play to know what the real world use of the object is.  In pretend play, many children will also imitate what they have seen in the real world.

Some examples of toys that will increase creativity in children are; blocks, puppets, play kitchens, toy telephones, dolls, trains, and cars.

You do not have to get rid of all your noisy toys, but try something without noise next time you visit the toy store…it may preserve your sanity too!