Healing Charlotte Podcast: Amanda Jones, QC Hydrate

Amanda Jones from QC Hydrate joins us on the podcast to discuss her mobile hydration infusion company. The idea came to her 3 years ago and was pushed forward with the pandemic. Amanda recognized people’s discomfort in going into clinical settings unless absolutely necessary so she decided to take her idea into people’s homes. Amanda has been a nurse for 10 years and the last 6 were spent as an oncology nurse where she fell in love with the work. The day after chemotherapy is given, typically patients come back in for “replacements” which is an infusion of micronutrients such as magnesium, potassium, among others, and basic hydration and possibly zofran for nausea. Many times, patients aren’t able to come back into the hospital the next day for many reasons. Amanda had the idea of being able to travel to patients homes and give them what they need to recover. She has now stepped back from the oncology world to focus on the growth of her business.

Infusions have to be given by a licensed medical professional and Amanda’s nurses all have a strong infusion background of at least 5 years. QC Hydrate contracts with a physician to oversee policies, procedures, safety, and efficacy and works with a specialty pharmacy to create the infusions. QC Hydrate is the only Board Certified Hydration Company in Charlotte.

By offering this service in the home, people feel pampered, and can receive the treatment in their own space for a short amount of time. Amanda can help develop an individualized treatment plan with her client’s goals in mind. They can provide infusions to individuals, couples, or a group of people. Some have set up for bridal parties, golf events, or ladies night.

“One of the most common feedbacks that I get is ‘oh I feel so pampered, this is so luxurious, or I feel like a star’ and that’s what we want.”

At QC Hydrate, they have tried to create something that everyone can benefit from. They have immunity, athletic, beauty, and hangover blends to name a few. Infusions are not recommended for those under 18 or anyone with congestive heart failure, or liver or kidney disease.

Intravenous supplements are more effective than oral because when taking one orally, the gastric acid in the stomach breaks down the nutrients and therefore lose 50-60% of the efficacy. Infusions bypass the digestive system so that 100% of the micronutrients enter the bloodstream. Many people especially in the winter months are deficient in vitamins such as B and D. QC Hydrate has a 6-session package to get your levels balanced with a blood test before and after to.

According to the NIH, dehydration affects 75% of the population. Most people aren’t drinking enough water through the day to get hydrated and are also getting dehydrated in the sun or by drinking caffeine or alcohol. When people are properly hydrated, they feel better in their bodies, have less inflammation, and sleep better. QC Hydrate recommends infusions at least 2x a month to be within the therapeutic range of hydration.

“We are going to do everything we can to make sure that we are providing a safe, comfortable environment for you.”

By her 3 year mark, QC Hydrate wants to have a bus to provide mobile infusions to people in the community, and provide infusions to those in the community who can not access it through charitable donations.

Amanda loves reading as self-care and loves “Vitamized Health” by Dr. Stephen Petteruti. She wants to heal Charlotte by giving everyone an opportunity to feel the benefits of hydration.

Find QC Hydrate on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.