Healing Charlotte Podcast: Kaley J. Taylor, Conscious Breath-work Facilitator

On this episode of the podcast, we meet Kaley J. Taylor, a conscious breath-work facilitator. It’s called Conscious Connected Circular Breath-work and was created by doctors to help us get out of our heads and into our bodies. This modality can benefit anyone who is breathing. Contraindications are for those with heart conditions, epilepsy, and newly pregnant. It can be approached from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual places. This is a deeper experience than coping skill type of breath-work.

“Using our breath as a flashlight to shine within the parts of our bodies where we might be holding, suppressing, repressing, and using the breath, we are able to shine the light and dispel those shadows. In doing that we are able to live more fully, more connected, more authentically.”

A typical session with Kaley starts with getting to know you and learning about your intentions. Next you will move to either the massage table or the floor and start with a grounding meditation. From there, the active breath starts that moves like a wheel, no breath holds. This active breath continues for 25-40 minutes. It can take 7-10 minutes to get past the mind’s resistance. During this time, you can drop into the subconscious. The active breath will end and integration happens for about 10-15 minutes. The session ends with tea and discussion if you want. Kaley recommends 6-10 sessions that can be conducted individually or with a small group either in-person or virtually.

Some of her clients have said that it helps them release physical tension, create stronger connections with others, and releases bitterness or resentment. Kaley says the key is to accept whatever happens.

“I am very sentient. I do love to talk about feelings and go deep with people. I care so much about the nitty gritty parts of people. I didn’t know what to do with that and it was at this breath-work retreat where I had this knowing of ‘this is for you, this is why I created you, this is your thing.'”

Kaley was drawn to this work and she has a background in dancing, yoga, and as a fitness instructor. She has always been body oriented and in her feelings. At one point, being so connected to her feelings felt heavy for her but now she looks at it as a gift. She found this type of breath-work while on a retreat in Costa Rico.

“I hold it very sacred and I recognize it’s extremely vulnerable for people. So I feel very fortunate that I’m in this place to hold people and show up for people in this way.”

Kaley wants to heal Charlotte because she sees so much potential for goodness, love, and seeing people for who they really are. She wants to offer more compassion and connection to this community.

Connect with Kaley through her website, Facebook, and Instagram.