Healing Charlotte Podcast: Meghan Lowery, Honest Elderberry Co

Today’s podcast guest is Meghan Lowery, the owner and founder of Honest Elderberry Co. The company officially started in March 2019 and was especially vital in supporting her family during 2020 when her husband lost his job. Honest Elderberry Co sells syrup in 3 sizes as well as a “make your own kit” where oneContinue reading “Healing Charlotte Podcast: Meghan Lowery, Honest Elderberry Co”

Do Nothing: Restorative Yoga Self-Care

What I am about to proclaim is radical; you have permission to do nothing.  Do nothing every month, every week, or every day. Go wild and do nothing every hour!  We all have so much to do at home, work, school, and all the places. There will always be something to do.  I promise thatContinue reading “Do Nothing: Restorative Yoga Self-Care”