Katie’s Bookshelf: Neurofeedback 101 by Michael Cohen

The book “Neurofeedback 101” by Michael P. Cohen is an easy to read and understand text about a subject that can be complicated to explain. Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback where sensors are placed on the scalp and electrical impulses are given back to the brain in the form of “feedback” which could be a variety of things including video, pictures, and sounds. The brain takes that information and learns over time to self-regulate better. The book goes into what it is and how it works, the history of it, and what it can help with. One of the more helpful aspects of the book are the vignettes. Lots of case examples of what symptom(s) someone came in with and what their experience was like with Neurofeedback.

“Neurofeedback simply assists you in improving your brain timing–which in turn helps improve brain function or symptoms. It’s exercise that helps your brain ‘do better’ or be more efficient.”

The vignettes cover the common issues people come to Neurofeedback for including; sleep, racing thoughts, mood, speed of learning, chronic pain, headaches/migraines, and mood disturbances. They also articulate the results people tend to get including; more stability of mood, improved handling of stress, focus, fewer or less intense headaches/migraines, memory, improved sleep, and improved relationships.

“The technology doesn’t change your brain. It only assists you in doing it yourself.”

The final section goes into common questions people have regarding Neurofeedback. The author address questions such as if there is research on it, what ages can do it, can I get off medication, and why haven’t I heard about this before?

Overall, this book is a quick read and easily digested. It’s really written for the client or potential client, not an experienced practitioner.

Read this book if:

  • You are considering Neurofeedback training
  • You have started training
  • You are considering it for a loved one.

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Cohen, M. (2020). Neurofeedback 101. Florida. Center for Brain Training.