Healing Charlotte Podcast: Meghan Lowery, Honest Elderberry Co

Today’s podcast guest is Meghan Lowery, the owner and founder of Honest Elderberry Co. The company officially started in March 2019 and was especially vital in supporting her family during 2020 when her husband lost his job. Honest Elderberry Co sells syrup in 3 sizes as well as a “make your own kit” where one can get creative with adding their own sweetener or no sweetener at all. She has some more offerings coming out in the future including an elderberry body butter that is currently in the works. Meghan has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to help people especially after a lifestyle change many years ago.

Elderberries have been used for centuries for their anti-viral properties and some of Meghan’s customers have used her syrup for their inflammation. Elderberries are also known for their bioflavonoid properties meaning that they attack sick cells and viral strains. By this, research studies have shown that they can shorten the duration and intensity of an illness. Meghan’s syrup also uses aroniaberries which have the highest anti-oxidant properties of any fruit. Other ingredients include organic cinnamon sticks, organic ginger root, organic whole clove, and North Carolina/South Carolina honey. All of these ingredients together can create a powerful immune support. Meghan suggests taking 1 tablespoon daily for general wellness and can up the dosage during an illness. The difference in her syrup versus a more commercialized brand is that it has to be refrigerated, meaning that it has no preservatives, alcohol, added sweeteners or thickeners. Honest Elderberry Co also has recipes on their social media for different ways to use the syrup including mocktails, glazes, and in smoothies.

“We use fresh, organic elderberries. We have a couple of partnerships with a couple of berry farmers throughout the United States. So we source our berries directly from them.”

Meghan loves building relationships in the community especially when she gets to meet customers at Farmer’s Markets or other events. She also enjoys working with her retail partners and her husband. He just created his own apparel line during this time called Amen Apparel Co. Counseling, eating well, and Christianity is what keeps her grounded. She wants to heal Charlotte because of her desire for people to have an experience with the healing powers of plants, herbs, and berries.

“First and foremost, I’m a big people person and I love getting out and building relationships with people and meeting people in the community. My favorite people I love working with is when I go to Farmer’s Markets and meet people I get to hear their story and I get to know who they are. That’s one of my most favorite things.”

It’s important to Meghan and her husband to also give back to the community. They have donated financially and products to several organizations including; Catawba Terrace Care Center, Children’s Attention Home, Palmetto Women’s Center, and the Uptown Farmer’s Market who has partnered with Roof Above. She is inspired be the following healers; Green Brother’s Juice who provide high quality smoothies and juices, Uptown Farmer’s Market, and Carolina Functional Nutrition.

If interested in buying some Honest Elderberry Syrup, they are located in 35 stores currently in the Charlotte region(click on the Locations tab) or you can order directly from their website. This Spring and Summer season, you can find Meghan and her family at the Uptown Farmer’s Market and various other events in the area.