Knock Out Stress: Signs of Stress

Do you know how to recognize the signs of stress?  Stress not only affects your emotional well-being, but can also materialize into physical symptoms affecting various systems in the body.  It is important to be able to recognize when your body is responding to stress and take steps to reduce your stress level before itContinue reading “Knock Out Stress: Signs of Stress”

Knock Out Stress Tip – Walk It Off!

The scene is familiar to any sports movie. The intense protagonist has reached the breaking point with a teammate.  Tempers flare.  Before punches are thrown, the coach intervenes with a simple, but effective, command; “Walk it off!”  As if by magic, the tension dissipates and the protagonist is able to move on to win theContinue reading “Knock Out Stress Tip – Walk It Off!”

Knock Out Stress Tip – Volunteerism(Make a Difference)

Knock-Out Stress Tip #3:  Make a Difference! Did you know that by helping others, you can improve your health and reduce stress?  Numerous studies have linked volunteering with improved mental and physical well-being, particularly among older adults.  Why?  Some studies believe it is the increased sense of purpose volunteering provides while others posit that itContinue reading “Knock Out Stress Tip – Volunteerism(Make a Difference)”

Knock-Out Stress Tip: Visit the Farmer’s Market

Have you ever seen a movie or television show where the main character, shaken by some stressful event in their life, turns to a carton of their favorite ice cream for comfort?  Usually the writers of the show manage to get a good laugh out of the audience from the scene but in reality, millionsContinue reading “Knock-Out Stress Tip: Visit the Farmer’s Market”