“Knock Out Your Stress” Series Introduction

According to the latest survey by the American Psychology Association on the impact of stress, nearly seven out of every 10 Americans experience physical or non-physical signs of stress[1].   Did you know chronic stress is a contributing factor to various health conditions including obesity, heart disease, and mental health disorders in both children and adults?Continue reading ““Knock Out Your Stress” Series Introduction”

Social Skills Group for Children 6-10 Fall 2013

Katie Overcash will be facilitating an ongoing Social Skills group for boys and girls ages 6 – 10 starting in Fall 2013.  Please fill out the form if interested in receiving information about the group once it is released.  Details are not confirmed about the group as far as length of time, day of theContinue reading “Social Skills Group for Children 6-10 Fall 2013”

Overcoming Self-Injury for Adolescent Girls 12 – 17 Agenda

June 18th – Taking the First Steps During this session, we will discuss the facts of self-injury and your motivation to overcome self-injurious behaviors. July 2nd – Building Healthy Relationships During this group, we will discuss using the internet as a way to connect with others who self-injure.  We will also discus talking with thoseContinue reading “Overcoming Self-Injury for Adolescent Girls 12 – 17 Agenda”

2013 Confident Girls Summer Camp for Adolescents 11 – 14

It is so important for young girls to be confident in themselves and develop a healthy body image, especially with the ever-changing societal pressures, social media images, and access to technology.  This “Confident Girls” group for adolescents 11 to 14 will assist girls in enhancing their  self-esteem and address topics including: expressing feelings, decision-making, conflictContinue reading “2013 Confident Girls Summer Camp for Adolescents 11 – 14”