Knock Out Stress Tip – Volunteerism(Make a Difference)

Knock-Out Stress Tip #3:  Make a Difference! Did you know that by helping others, you can improve your health and reduce stress?  Numerous studies have linked volunteering with improved mental and physical well-being, particularly among older adults.  Why?  Some studies believe it is the increased sense of purpose volunteering provides while others posit that itContinue reading “Knock Out Stress Tip – Volunteerism(Make a Difference)”

Knock-Out Stress Tip: Visit the Farmer’s Market

Have you ever seen a movie or television show where the main character, shaken by some stressful event in their life, turns to a carton of their favorite ice cream for comfort?  Usually the writers of the show manage to get a good laugh out of the audience from the scene but in reality, millionsContinue reading “Knock-Out Stress Tip: Visit the Farmer’s Market”

“Cool Down Basket”

I began to develop this idea 2 years ago after I received a basket full of Christmas goodies and had no foreseeable use for the basket.  So the “Cool Down Basket” was born!  As an Outpatient Therapist, I regularly meet with people who are anxious in my office and need something to take the edgeContinue reading ““Cool Down Basket””

“Knock Out Your Stress” Series Introduction

According to the latest survey by the American Psychology Association on the impact of stress, nearly seven out of every 10 Americans experience physical or non-physical signs of stress[1].   Did you know chronic stress is a contributing factor to various health conditions including obesity, heart disease, and mental health disorders in both children and adults?Continue reading ““Knock Out Your Stress” Series Introduction”