Healing Charlotte Podcast: Carrie Wren, Life Coach

On this episode with Carrie Wren, we learn about her passion for helping others as a Life Coach. She says that life coaching is better experienced than explained and can aid in creating deeper and better relationships, gaining clarity around purpose, determining what you want, and moving beyond the “inner mean girl” judgments. She dives into the similarities and differences with life coaching and mental health therapy. Her passion is helping her clients move past the “stuck-ness” that they are experiencing so that they can thrive in their life. Carrie is also a yoga teacher and trainer as well as curator of “bucket-list” retreats.

Carrie found coaching for herself during a challenging time and through the process recognized that she wanted to be able to give that support to others. She mentions that coaching has cracked something open in her around vulnerability and she loves to help her clients recognize and remove those masks that we have.

“With coaching, there’s a rich experience of getting connected to ourselves.”

Carrie has been inspired by Brene Brown and her work, mentioning that she uses bits and pieces of her information daily. She loves her messages of vulnerability and connection.

It’s evident that Carrie loves the people she works with. She’s excited to work with those who are ready to see themselves and be seen, open to dismantling the stories that are holding them back, and those that carry that judgment of not being enough.

“We all have untapped resources, we all have potential and possibility, we all are creative and resourceful and capable and we can create a really amazing and fulfilling life.”

In the Charlotte community, she’s inspired by her Explore and Expand partner, Kelly Howard as well as her Bella Vita partner, Jillian Longsworth. She discusses how special both of these women are as healers in their respective spaces as a Massage Therapist and Grief Coach and Yoga Studio Owner.