“Cool Down Basket”

I began to develop this idea 2 years ago after I received a basket full of Christmas goodies and had no foreseeable use for the basket.  So the “Cool Down Basket” was born!  As an Outpatient Therapist, I regularly meet with people who are anxious in my office and need something to take the edgeContinue reading ““Cool Down Basket””

Overcoming Self-Injury for Adolescent Girls 12 – 17 Agenda

June 18th – Taking the First Steps During this session, we will discuss the facts of self-injury and your motivation to overcome self-injurious behaviors. July 2nd – Building Healthy Relationships During this group, we will discuss using the internet as a way to connect with others who self-injure.  We will also discus talking with thoseContinue reading “Overcoming Self-Injury for Adolescent Girls 12 – 17 Agenda”

Katie’s Bookshelf – Room by Emma Donogue

I just finished reading “Room” by Emma Donogue. As a warning, this book is not easy to read because of the subject matter. It is narrated by 5 year old, Jack, who has been held in captivity his entire life. Jack lives with “Ma” who was kidnapped when she was 19 years old. Jack describesContinue reading “Katie’s Bookshelf – Room by Emma Donogue”