Overcoming Self-Injury Group Agenda Fall 2014

I Am: A Yogapeutic Workshop for Adolescent Girls 12-18

Starting September 28, 2014, Overcash Therapy Services has partnered with Lynne Beck of New Journey Counseling and Yoga Instructors Jennifer Busco and Kate Yonclas to facilitate workshops for adolescent girls focusing on self-esteem, confidence, and inner strength building.  Please visit http://www.iamcharlotteteens.com for more information or to register!  The first event is free to those whoContinue reading “I Am: A Yogapeutic Workshop for Adolescent Girls 12-18”

Finding Happiness in Adolescence for Teens

Adolescence is an exciting phase of life; marked with many changes, learning experiences, gaining independence, and difficult situations.  Many teens experience strong emotions during this time period both comfortable and uncomfortable.  Teenage girls experience many external and internal pressures.  Dealing with these pressures and managing the emotions associated can be difficult.  Each and every teenageContinue reading “Finding Happiness in Adolescence for Teens”