Restorative Yoga for Families

View More: February 1, 2018, Katie will offer 60-minute Restorative Yoga classes for parents and children/teens conveniently located near Park Road Shopping Center at Innergy Works.

This class focuses on relaxing the body and mind, enhancing attachment and connection, and developing healthy coping skills.  Inspired by Bessel Van Der Kolk’s book, “The Body Keeps the Score”, Katie has many years of experience with Restorative Yoga and integrating the mind and body for overall wellness.

More information on Restorative Yoga, integrating the mind and body, and using yoga to heal from trauma.

Contact for more information( or to register.  Cost is $15 per participant.  Some mats available at Innergy Works and all other props will be available.  Wear comfortable clothes.

Thursdays(Beginning February 1st) from 4:30 to 5:30 at Innergy Works(5200 Park Road Suite 127).  Ages 10+.

Register here.  Please book in advance as class is limited to 6 pairs.